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The Benefits of Online Fitness Training

Having just jumped off a 45-minute interval session on my treadmill, I’m sweating as I write this. Legitimate beads of sweat are running down my face and back. And I can’t believe I feel great. That’s not a big deal for most people, but it is for me. Here’s why: A few months ago, the thought of running anywhere except out for a pizza was not conceivable. In fact, I couldn’t stick with a fitness routine for the last couple of years to save my life. I knew I needed to start moving, not only to get rid of the pandemic

lockdown weight I gained (yes, I ate well), but I also didn’t want to start experiencing any couch potato-induced health issues simply because I couldn’t find a way to keep myself motivated to work out. When I decided to try a personal training app called Future, my fitness mindset completely changed. Plus, there’s no doubt I’m stronger, more fit, and more motivated to work out than ever before. Available in the Apple Store, Future works by pairing you with one of its elite fitness coaches who create a customized workout plan tailored specifically to you and your fitness goals. It has rocked my world and gotten my butt off the couch for good.

These are the benefits I’ve found working out with an online coach:

Online Fitness Coaches Are Motivation and Accountability Machines

Scrolling through fitness gurus and models on Instagram will only inspire you so much to get you moving and stay motivated. But having instant access to my online fitness trainer has been huge for me. Not only can I ask her anything and get her response back in minutes, but having her there when I’m unsure if I’m doing something right or need to adjust something constructive (the app has a record form option which is excellent for beginners). I value what she’s been teaching me, but I also like that I can go with the flow of the workouts she creates for me and know I’m doing the right thing. It takes the stress out of working out again, especially if you’re starting all over like me. Plus, my trainer Lori always sends me a motivating morning message, which keeps me focused and excited for my daily workout. Forming a connection with your online coach is essential, and we have a fun time together.

You’ll Stop Making Excuses Not to Workout.

It’s easy to sink back into your couch with a bag of chips and tell yourself you’ll work out tomorrow. Or that you’re too tired. I know it all too well, my friend. But having a fitness coach to check up on me daily has helped me kick excuses to the curb. It’s easy to make excuses to yourself why you can’t work out, but then try spelling them out to another person daily. It gets embarrassing. While I don’t always feel at my best, one thing I know is that I always feel better doing something than doing nothing. And having my trainer make me accountable has been key to staying dedicated to my fitness goals.

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