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We Tried Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies. Here’s Our Review.

After trying CBD oil a few years back, I became a true believer. I found CBD quickly eased my tension, helped me sleep better, and calmed me overall. Of course, this is only my experience, but anyone I know who’s tried CBD has had similar positive benefits. And since CBD is more popular than ever, I have a hunch lots of other people agree.

How Does CBD Work?

The human body has a complex network of neurotransmitters called the Endocannabinoid System that controls many processes. Recently discovered in the 1990s and still not fully understood, this system is like the body’s control panel. Its primary job is to ensure we stay healthy and balanced, also called homeostasis. When we’re out of homeostasis,  the endocannabinoid fires off, signaling our neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids to bring our system back to normal.

CBD, cannabidiol, is just one of 100+ compounds called cannabinoids in the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). Cannabinoids like CBD are very similar in structure to our body’s naturally made endocannabinoids. When taken, CBD can travel through the body and attach to our endocannabinoid receptors, leaving us feeling calm, relieving sensations of discomfort, or providing various other health benefits that can support the body and mind in multiple ways.

Just a few of the benefits CBD has been linked with include:

  • Support healthy sleep cycles without causing drowsiness
  • Help Reduce Everyday Stresses
  • Help Reduce Exercise-Induced Inflammation
  • Provides a Sense of Calm for Focus

Through research, scientists continue to uncover even more amazing benefits of CBD each year.

Try CBD in a Gummy

Many people, including me, can attest that CBD works. But if you have a sensitive palate, CBD oil can take some getting used to. That’s why edible and flavor-infused CBD products like gummies can be a great way to start with CBD. And they’ve become one of my favorite ways to take CBD.

Even if you’re a CBD pro already, gummies are a fun product to add to your CBD collection. Infused with various flavors, they taste great, and you get the benefits of CBD. Plus, they’re super convenient to travel with, and anything in a gummy form is the best.

For a CBD gummy with additional targeted health benefits, we’re in love with the new collection of tasty CBD gummies from Charlotte’s Web. A B-Corp CBD company, Charlotte’s Web is dedicated to using the power of business to benefit the planet and started in a quest to help a little girl with a rare form of epilepsy through the management of CBD. Made with USA-grown hemp, Charlotte’s Web gummies are available in Recovery (as in exercise), Relax (as in you need to chill), and Sleep (as in you need to get some shut-eye finally) along with specific botanicals and beneficial ingredients that can enhance the effect you’re looking for.

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