Thinking About Using an Online Casino? Top-5 Secure Payment Methods

Since the beginning of 2021, players have been experiencing difficulties replenishing their online casino accounts. If earlier users had no problems making deposits using cards from almost any bank and through popular electronic wallets, now it doesn’t work that well. While many difficulties have yet to be solved, players seek new payment methods.

Due to the huge variety of online casinos, there are many different ways to deposit or cash out money, which helps players to make transactions without any difficulties or discomfort. Each player, before starting to spend time in a particular casino, should analyze all available methods of making a payment or withdrawing money and choose the right one for themself.

Kim Pascoe, a gambling expert, has her view on a problem and will tell you about the best online casino payment methods for 2022. Read more from her here.

Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand has always been legal, except for a few time restrictions. It’s known that in the nineteenth century, betting on horse racing and boxing matches was popular among the local population. According to statistics, as of 2022, six gambling establishments and more than one thousand three hundred different gambling clubs are running in this island state. About sixteen thousand slot machines have also been registered.

The first online casino (gambling portals and platforms) appeared in the country in 1994. One of the leading gambling software companies, Microgaming, has become the foremost software provider for online establishments in New Zealand. In the late nineties, it was joined by such world-famous companies as Playtech and Cryptologic. One of the first slots available to residents of New Zealand were the Fruitfiesta and CashSplash slot machines.

At first, online slot machines were very simple and, one might say, primitive. They had only three reels and one pay line. Further, thanks to the rapid development of computer technology, more interesting slots began to appear, in which a larger number of lines were created alongside well-known “wild” symbols, bonus games, and doubles games.

What Are the Top 5 Safest Payment Methods for Playing Slots?

Playing at an online casino is fascinating and profitable, but it’s important to ensure it’s safe entertainment. Choosing a reliable and legal payment method is the best way to know you are playing safely. Here’s a list of the five best online casino payment methods:

  1. Debit cards.
  2. Direct bank transfer.
  3. Digital wallets.
  4. Cryptocurrency. Apple Pay and Google Pay systems.

Let’s look at each method in more detail to ensure they are safe!

Debit Cards

One of the safest ways to make a purchase is through your bank — they use sophisticated security systems that allow you to track, verify and ensure the security of your finances. Credit and debit cards mean Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Visa DEBIT/Maestro cards. Almost all websites support them, and transactions are completed in seconds. It’s enough to enter the numbers on the front side, the payment date, and the three-digit security code in the field at the back — it’s so simple.

Direct Bank Transfer

As we’ve already mentioned, banks are well known for keeping your money safe and determining when a transaction isn’t right. If something goes wrong with your transaction, you can guarantee your bank will support you! For this reason, direct bank transfers are another great way to ensure the security of your deposits in online slots.

Digital Wallets

Moving away from traditional methods, let’s look at digital or “electronic wallets.” There are a huge number of them on the market, but we recommend using the following platforms:

  •   PayPal;
  •   Skrill.

Both payment methods can be directly linked to your bank account to provide excellent security, but they are much faster and more convenient online than traditional bank payments.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

If you have a smartphone, then you’ve probably heard of one of these: Google Pay is, in fact, a digital wallet service for Android phones, and Apple Pay is a similar service designed for the iPhone. These payment methods are especially secure because they can use biometric data from your phone, such as face and fingerprint scans. Using this technology, you can be sure that the only person who can deposit into the mobile slot on your phone is you!


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum use a very sophisticated financial infrastructure known as “blockchain.” They are completely anonymous and work outside the banking system. Moreover, modern cryptocurrencies are untraceable and offer a lower transaction fee than any other method. The only thing you need is a special wallet. Many online slot sites today accept cryptocurrency, so if you research and ensure the currency is legitimate, this could be a great option!


We hope this article has pointed you in the right direction to use secure payment methods for slot machines! Regardless of whether you choose the old school with a bank transfer or the futuristic with cryptocurrencies, there are many ways to ensure the safety and reliability of your slot machine.

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