OMG — I almost forgot my daughter’s half-birthday! Walmart+ to the rescue with same-day delivery

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Walmart+ is one sweet delivery service. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • “Eee! My half-birthday is tomorrow!” squeals our 7½-year-old, pointing at the calendar.
  • My husband and I stare at each other. Uhh…
  • She has been counting down the days. (We have not.)
  • She’s bubbly and excited; I do not want to burst it.
  • See, our daughter turned seven on Thanksgiving Day, 2020. She was grateful for the video messages and her Zoom party, but it didn’t feel like a birthday with all those pandemic workarounds.
  • “OK,” I hear myself say. “Want to invite a friend to the yard tomorrow to celebrate?”

“Yes!” she shouts, pumping her fist.

My husband sing-songs, “Half birthdays aren’t a thing,” but she’s already off to make an invite for her BFF, and I’m headed to the computer to place an order. Now, I won’t drag my child through a store (she’s too young to be vaxed). Plus, I want there to be some element of surprise in her life. So I logged in to my new Walmart+ account to get some goodies delivered through their same-day service. I’m currently midway through my 30-day Walmart+ trial. (When that ends, I can continue the service for either $13 per month or $98 per year.)

The annual fee is comparable to Amazon Prime, but the benefit is yummy produce, and perishables are far less expensive than Prime offers. Speaking of humongous announcements — Walmart+ brings fresh goodies to your doorstep within hours. (Photo: Libby Sentz)


All right, let’s make a party!

As I assess our needs, it hits me that tomorrow will be in the mid-90s — that’s superhot for a midday shade-free yard hang. I didn’t think this through. Luckily I notice that Walmart+ can deliver everything from ice-cream cake to playful sprinklers! Today! Before sundown, my order arrives. This was the easiest and fastest party plan ever. Check out some of the excellent summer celebration items I found!

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Knock Knock? Who’s there? Cake! (Photo: Walmart)

First things first: Cake is in order. Not just any cake. A small party on a steamy day calls for a mini ice cream cake! Obvi. This decadent chocolate and vanilla Carvel Lil’ Love Ice Cream Cake serve five — perfect; trust me when I say we don’t need leftovers. Topped with whipped icing (her fave) and chocolate crunchies, the surface offers space to add our custom half-birthday message — “HAP BIRT” (get it?) — and decorations. If you are hosting a larger gathering, note that Walmart+ also offers this ice cream cake in large sizes.

A wish come true! (Photo: Walmart)

The unicorn remains the most beloved of magical creatures for my daughter and her crew. What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t want to make a wish upon a golden unicorn horn candle? Tor, my daughter, and her crew. Several candles and decorations via Walmart+ would work well for this cake, but this cute three-candle set brings it to life. Let’s face it; every cake looks better with a horn and ears. Maybe draw some eyes on the front?

Let’s get this party started. (Photo: Walmart)

I searched “sprinklers” primarily to keep my kid and her buddy from melting. Then I landed on this fun variation! The 12-foot Banzai Wigglin Outdoor Water Sprinkler for Kids has 15 wiggly sprayers to keep them running, jumping, and calm. This solid PVC and foam sprinkler is designed for ages three and up. Unpredictable sprinklers never fail to elicit happy shrieks from kids. Your thirsty lawn will thank you too.

Squeeze the day! (Photo: Walmart)

Ice-cold lemonade is on the menu tomorrow, so I was thrilled to find that this handheld juicer (and a two-pound bag of organic lemons) was available for delivery. Easy-peasy lemon is squeezy. The simplicity of this device enables my kiddo to squeeze lemon juice on her own while I prepare the simple syrup. Pretty soon, she’ll be opening that lemonade/drawing/rock art/newspaper stand she’s been dreaming about for the past year.

Making hearts sparkle. (Photo: Walmart)

A lovely blank card does the trick when you can’t find the right sentiment. (I can’t imagine why, but the half-birthday greeting card category is reasonably narrow.) Our wee celebration will include fun and cake, but it’s about love. This pink card gives us space to express our admiration and adoration.

It might be wise to nab a few of these for emergency greetings. It’s an excellent choice for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, Valentine’s Day, get well wishes, friendship — most anything.

Don’t get burned. (Photo: Walmart)

Last but not least: Sunscreen! The full sun in our yard is no joke, so I nabbed this two-pack of 5-ounce cans of broad-spectrum SPF 70+ sunscreen to keep by the back door. Water-resistant and oil-free, Neutrogena Wet Skin is my go-to brand for water play. Whether at the beach, the pool, or the kiddie pool, it keeps us scorch-free all summer. It’s labeled for kids, but I use it too.

Stock up. I’m so happy I signed up for this risk-free, 30-day Walmart+ trial. And as we all know, a quick-spray works way better on an excited kid who’s rarin’ to play than that slow, sticky, “this is taking forever” rub-in lotion. It’s making impossible-seeming tasks, like impromptu parties, feel effortless and fun. And we could all use a bit of uncomplicated fun right now — especially our half-birthday unicorns.

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