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Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations Outside India

India is a country I’ve wanted to visit for years but never got around to it. Now that I’m living in South East Asia, I’ve been able to travel to most of them! Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations Outside India.

I was able to visit places like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

This was the first time I visited Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I had heard about Laos but hadn’t had the opportunity to see it yet.

The prices were very reasonable, and the food was fantastic. I recommend Southeast Asia to anyone looking to visit and experience the culture, people, and food.

The best way to experience the culture is by visiting local markets. This is where you will find authentic items sold directly to the customer.

You will also find that the food is much cheaper than in other countries. Most meals are served in small portions for under $1.

And speaking of food, the cuisine is very diverse and varied. You can eat just about anything.

You love traveling. You have the itch. It would help if you scratched it. Now what? Here is a list of some of the most budget-friendly destinations outside India where you can travel and experience the culture.

There are several options if you want to save money while traveling abroad. One of the easiest ways to travel is by taking a budget flight.

But what if you want to see more than just the big cities? What if you travel off the beaten path and experience the culture?

This is where budget travel comes in. Many countries outside India offer cheap flights. They may not have the same luxury and glamour as other destinations, but they are still fun and affordable.

Top 5 Budget Travel Destinations Outside India

1. The Maldives

The Maldives is a tropical island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India. Its capital city is Malé, which lies on the country’s southern tip.

The Maldives has long been a favorite vacation destination for tourists looking for a tropical paradise. The archipelago comprises over 1,192 islands and isles, most small and uninhabited.

It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has become a popular spot for luxury vacations. There are many things to see and do in the Maldives, including diving, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing.

Many historical places and attractions are worth visiting. You can even explore ancient ruins and other archaeological sites in the country. The Maldives also has a rich art, culture, and architecture history.

Several hotels and resorts nationwide offer accommodations, from luxury villas to inexpensive guest houses. Some of these hotels even offer a variety of water sports and activities to their guests.

It’s a relatively new island country located in the Indian Ocean. It has a lot of stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and amazing scuba diving sites. It’s also a very friendly place to visit.

If you love beaches, this is the perfect place to visit. There are also plenty of other things to do, such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, and much more.

2. Dubai

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The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer locals and tourists. From world-class resorts and amazing beaches to ancient history and stunning desert landscapes, there is much to see and do in this fascinating region.

Dubai is a major city in the United Arab Emirates. With its modern skyline and incredible desert vistas, it is a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

3. Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s best travel destinations. It is full of beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, and vibrant culture, and it’s also very safe. There are plenty of things to do if you enjoy adventure and relaxation.

The country has hundreds of islands with beaches on every one of them. Some are just a few minutes from Bangkok, while others are thousands of miles away.

It’s a tropical paradise with lush jungles, wildlife, white-sand beaches, and more.

It’s a diverse country with everything from ancient ruins to modern cities, beautiful temples, to awesome nightclubs. You can go to the beach in the morning and head off into the jungle.

There are many options for accommodations and food.

You can choose between luxury hotels and cheap hostels.

It’s a great place to visit for a family vacation or a romantic getaway.

The top places to visit in Thailand include:


Chiang Mai

Ko Phangan

When it comes to travel destinations, there are plenty to choose from. Here’s a list of the top 10 places to visit in Thailand.

Thailand is a fascinating country with a variety of cultures and beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect place to go on a long holiday but also great for short trips.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the smallest state in the Commonwealth but the most diverse. It is located at the heart of South Asia and is home to a beautiful range of cultural influences and stunning natural wonders.

Sri Lanka has an incredible history and is home to many different religions and ethnic groups. But most importantly, Sri Lanka is a place where you can experience a truly exotic vacation!

Sri Lanka is a tiny island country situated in the Indian Ocean. It has been independent since 1948 and is a republic in the Commonwealth of Nations. Its capital city is Colombo.

It has a total land area of 56,000 square kilometers (22,000 sq mi) and a coastline of 1,200 kilometers (750 mi).

Its total area is approximately 50 percent smaller than that of the state of New York.

There are three main islands: the main island of Sri Lanka, the much smaller Maldive Island, and the Chagos Archipelago.

It has an elevation of 3 meters (10 ft) above sea level.

Sri Lanka, the island paradise, is a country in South Asia called the ‘Land of Buddha’. It is located between India and the Maldives. The capital city is Colombo.

It was discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1498. The British took over in 1796, but the Dutch captured the island in 1796 and remained there until 1815.

In the early nineteenth century, Sri Lanka became a British colony. In 1948, it gained independence.

Sri Lanka has a coastline of 4,200 kilometers (2,500 miles). There are three main islands: the main island and the two smaller ones.

The country is rich in natural resources. The island has fertile land and abundant water, making it a perfect place for growing rice and other crops.

Around ten million people are living in Sri Lanka. In addition, about 2.5 million tourists visit the country every year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where are the best travel destinations that you’ve visited?

A: I love visiting new countries and meeting new people. I also love traveling on an adventure. I have seen many exciting places in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Central Asia. If it’s a trip to see my family, I am up for it.

Q: How do you save money when traveling?

A: I love shopping and always try to find good sales and discounts. I don’t drink alcohol or eat out a lot, and I always make sure that I pack light.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a budget traveler?

A: I love the freedom that comes with traveling for less. You can explore new places and meet new people.

Q: Where do you recommend traveling in India?

A: We would highly recommend traveling to Rajasthan and Goa. You can also spend a couple of days in Delhi or Mumbai.

Q: Is there any other place I should visit?

A: The best thing you could do is go to Vietnam. They are very affordable to stay in, and the food is great.

Q: Where would be the best place to stay if I’m going to New York?

A: We would recommend staying in Brooklyn and spending some time exploring Chinatown and Little Italy.

Q: Where are the best beaches in India?

A: The beaches in Goa are incredible.

Q: What’s your favorite place to travel?

A: We love to travel to different parts of Europe. We also love to travel to South America.

Q: What are the top five budget travel destinations outside India?

A: Thailand, Mexico, France, Australia, and Canada. I am in the process of going to visit these places this year.

Q: Do you have any tips about these destinations?

A: When traveling abroad, I recommend staying in budget hotels, eating local food, and learning the language. You’ll be able to save a lot of money and not have to spend a lot on a trip to a foreign country.

Q: Where would you recommend traveling to for the first time?

A: I recommend traveling to any place you have never been to.

Q: What’s one of your favorite trips?

A: I had an incredible trip to Paris last year. I stayed in a hotel called Hôtel du Petit Moulin Rouge. It was one of my favorite experiences.

Myths About Travel 

1. Europe is too expensive.

2. Europe is too dirty.

3. Europe is too crowded.

4. You need a Eurail Pass for travel in Europe.

5. The cheapest way to travel is on a budget airline like RyanAir, but this is not true.


This is a pretty easy article. I did a quick search and came up with this list of places I think are worth visiting.

We’re excited about the world. We believe it’s the greatest place on Earth. But if you want to, you’ll need to save money to travel the world; you’ll need to be told you go. Where can you explore cultures, see wildlife, and experience a rich history? To find out, I compiled a list of the top five places outside India where you can travel cheaply.

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